The bLind Bar

The concept of the Blind Bar is a dark, shadowy and intriguing bar which is reminiscent of the Cigar Bar's mysterious dark wood smoking room. A built-in fireplace creates an intimate area around the bar, like a private room.

The pier glass on the back bar plays off the reflections of the glasses and bottles thanks to its oversized mirror. The bottles are elegantly concealed behind their own shadowy reflection. Clients play at guessing which their desired bottle is. The mystery continues to the cocktails, made with ingredients conceived to be guessed as well. The bar's signature cocktail is a creation by « Sandrine Houdré-Grégoire » where both the contents and the container are dressed all in black.

At the bar, Nader Chabaame will concoct beverages that will make you surrender to pleasure; our prodigious Head Mixologist enchants with exclusive creations with subtle and sophisticated tastes.